Board of directors


  • Ed Birkey, Board President & Advisor, Fort Dodge Senior High School, 2020
  • Curt Cornelius, Advisor, Perry High School, 2019
  • Aaron Nickman, Advisor, Lewis Central High School, 2021
  • Ryan Steffen, Advisor, Northwest Iowa Comm. College, 2020
  • Matt Hansen, Advisor,MMCRU, 2022
  • Dave Landon, Industry Representative, Vermeer Corporation, 
  • Mark Houseman, Industry Representative Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 
  • Jenny Stephenson, Industry Representative  Masonry Institute of Iowa 
  •  Ryan Hutchinson , Industry Representative
  • Geoff Astor, State Officer President, Fort Dodge Senior High School
  • State Director, Continuous Appointment
  • Kent Seuferer, Corporate Member, Continuous Appointment

*Year indicates the end of the term at the conclusion of the State Leadership and Skills Conference.

Constitution and Bylaws

Bylaws are the set of rules that govern the day-to-day operations of an organization. While the bylaws of every organization are going to be different, they generally cover the same basic issues, including the organization's name and purpose, rules regarding the election of the Board of Directors, the procedures to amend the bylaws, and the duties of the people who run the organization, among others.

Minutes (PDF)

Files coming soon.