How To Join SkillsUSA

Steps to Starting a Chapter In Your School

  • Contact our State Director-  Our leadership team can come to your school and give you more information on SkillsUSA in Iowa.  We can also help with showcasing SkillsUSA to your school Administration.

  • Receiving permission and support from administration to start a SkillsUSA chapter is essential. This Link will Help you with the steps needed to start a chapter:   NEW CHAPTER
Options for Students With No Chapter
New in 2017

Secondary and Post-Secondary Students with no chapter in their school now have an option to still compete at both state and national events.  Iowa has developed a VIRTUAL CHAPTER that allows students to join SkillsUSA and compete at the state and national leadership events.  Contact our State Director for more information:


A Message for Your Administrator

SkillsUSA in 30 Seconds

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